Physis Villas Chania


Physis Villas are located on a lash green peaceful environment, nestled in a verdant farm of three acres. Ιn the garden, which is formed for the purpose of generously offering all the products of the Cretan land, grow all kinds of domestic aromatic plants such as lavender, marjoram, thyme, and dittany of Crete. Additionally, one may also find several kinds of fruit trees like peach trees, apple trees, plum trees, apricot trees, pomegranate trees, banana trees, quince trees, mango trees, passion fruits, cumquat, avocados, and also grape vines of different varieties which are in full flourish during summer.


Villa Erato


Villa Thalia

Physis Villas

Physis Villas are located on the outskirts of the Aghia traditional village in Chania, Crete, within a 10 minute walking distance from the lake of Aghia, and only 10 minutes by car from the strikingly blue sea of the Cretan north coast.


Why Physis Villas?

Physis Villas are set in an unrivaled position, ideal for those seeking countryside tranquility, relaxation, and peaceful detachment from the monotonous everyday life.

  1. Physis Villas is a group of newly built elegant residencies, carefully planned in a lean modern line, providing every comfort.
  2. The villas offer a unique experience of communing with nature for both adults and children; we organize tours on our farm where one can witness the production of honey, citrus fruits, and avocados.
  3. For those who love the sea, we offer our boat with her skipper for cruises to the beaches of your choice (given the right weather conditions)
  4. The villas are set on a special landscape of lash green plain, next to the protected wetland of the Aghia lake. At a close distance one may find not only beautiful beaches but also uphill areas worth exploring.

Beautiful Private Villa Outside Chania

We had a great stay here – house was beautiful and well equipped and the remoteness and private pool were great for a relaxing stay in Crete….

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Beautiful country villa - with pool!

We loved staying at Physis villa. We are a family with children, and this was the perfect set up. Brand new villa, spotlessly clean, super comfortable beds, great kitchen…

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Danai Siaylou

It was an amazing experience!!!the scenery is breathtaking and very quit if you need to relax and enjoy nature! The owners are very welcome and open to suggest you places to visit in this beautiful island…

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