Lake of Agia, Chania Crete
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A Must See for the Naturelovers: Lake of Agia

Just 9 km west of Chania there is this wonderful oasis of calm and tranquility. One of only two freshwater lakes on the entire island, the artificially created Lake of Agia. The lake is a protected wetland site included in the Natura 2000 network.

It is a small lake of 450 acres, close to the valley of Fasas. This valley is considered as the most humid of Crete. Agia lake receives water from underground springs originating from Lefka Ori and the river Xekolomenos. The lake was a swamp before the Power Public Corp turned it to artificial, for producing hydroelectric power. Today, the power station is abandoned, but visitors still can see the old mechanisms and a relevant museum.

The lake is home to a wide variety of aquatic plants in Crete, like rare species of fern, but also hosts very important species of fauna e.g. frogs, dragonflies, etc. Moreover, the lake gives shelter to migratory bird populations during their journey from north to south and vice versa. Ducks, Geese, Wood Sandpiper, Swallow, Black-winged stilt, Reed Warbler, Pelican and Little Crake are Species that can be found include to name just a few.

Park, cycling facilities and a boardwalk around the lake allow the visitor to enjoy a memorable walking experience with peace of mind. A great place to enjoy the plane trees, the spring water and the mountain view. A gem of a birdwatching place.

A walk around this incredible place is a top thing to do in Chania if you are a nature lover… and guess what! Lake of Agia is just 10 minutes walking distance from Physis Villas.

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