When work is a nonstop vacation

Workation in Crete. Physis Villas. Four seasons villas to rent in Crete. Physis Villas are a positive view on workation in Crete.


For many of us, work means sitting at a desk. It may be in an office, it may be at home. It may be in a shared workspace, but it’s definitely not where we ‘ve just been on holiday. Ironically, though, we spend our summer holidays scrolling through emails in Mykonos just as easily as we do at our desks, constantly following up with what’s new in the office from project developments to new career challenges.It seems that everything is in a state of flux as technology advances, massively transforming the way people work, the work they do, and how they get the work done. A new generation of technologically savvy employees demand greater freedom and fulfillment from their careers, striving for work-life harmony and the ability to travel while holding a full-time company role.


And so, they came up with workation, an ugly term for a brilliant idea. It comprises work and vacation, meaning you can pick up your job and take it somewhere nicer. If your job is portable, then all that you need is a laptop, an internet connection and you will never need to escape any commitments. For a breed of young entrepreneurs who reject traditional workplace structure by embracing flexible hours and travel, it’s a no-brainer. They can manage a tech start-up as well from a hammock on a Greek island as from Silicon Valley in California. And for older people, whether they’re designers, writers or even stockbrokers, the workation hits that sweet spot where armchair travelling meets career prolonging. Workation boosts productivity, incites creativity and innovation simply by allowing people to choose a different scenery that inspires them.

Workation in the time of a health crisis

With the Coronavirus pandemic having hit the globe and the majority of people continuing to work at least until a vaccine arrives, it’s safe to say that a change of working model is expected but a change of mentality is required. According to travelers hope to change up their work-from-home experiences by relocating. This could involve booking out a week or even a month to work away from home offices or factoring in holiday time around stints of remote working. The website also found that over a third (37 per cent) of travelers have considered booking somewhere to stay in order to work from a different destination, while 40 per cent would be willing to quarantine up to a month if they could work remotely.

Physis Villas: a positive view on workation

If your laptop has become a mainstay in your luggage and you’re looking for an attractive spot on which to rest it, then Physis Villas will reinvigorate a fresh outlook both on your professional and your personal life. Here’s how Physis Villas embrace our workation guests:


A Space to Call Home 

Our villas are located in a quiet area, in an inspiring environment

of outstanding beauty that fosters creativity and harmony.


A Space to Call Workstation

Our office spaces are equipped with ergonomic desks and office chairs

as well as internet connection.


Safety First 

We have a newfound understanding of safety

when it comes to traveling and resorting during the pandemia.


Leisure Time 

After work, our workation guests can relax and cool off by the swimming pool

or enjoy a walk around our vineyard and the botanic garden.


Expert Local Knowledge

 Our local villa managers know their whereabouts.

They will let you know about places worth visiting, restaurants with earthy cuisine, and walk you through a heaven of outdoor life and sports.

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