Sea Adventure

Enjoy a boat ride or a sailing trip in the blue crystal waters of Crete. Choose one of the many unique aquatic activities such as Semi-Submarine Excursion! We get in touch with our partners and let the sea adventurous begin!

Bee Garden Guided Tour

Indulge yourself in the magic of the bee microcosm and let us guide you through the process of producing honey. In addition to honey, these miraculous creatures also produce royal jelly, propolis, pollen and natural wax with miraculous properties!

Guacamole Guided Tour

Enjoy the vibrant, refreshing and Mediterranean citrus scents that invigorate your senses! Add to this the buttery and nutritious nutrients and avocado flavor and take a tour around the terrain of the trees of this unique combination! We have 2 varieties of avocados, the HASS that produce fruit in March with July and the Reed that arrive in July with September. Lemons and citrus are almost all year round!

Tour of our Organic Garden

Take a special walk in our paradise! We guide you through our organic garden and we will introduce you to all of our fruits and vegetables, nurtured with as little chemicals as possible. The list of our fruits and vegetables is endless! Below are some examples. Peppers, all kinds of tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, green salads, peaches, pears, passion fruits, strawberries.

Jam Making

We make for you and with you homemade jams with fruits from our garden! The most classic recipes are orange jam, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, apricot, peach, pear, strawberry, quince, tomato or even a blend of all of the above. All are amazingly combined with traditional cheeses and can accompany your breakfast! They can be made with either white or black sugar.

Aromatherapy – Herbs

Allow the aromas of local and aromatic herbs to relax you and fill you with their unique properties. Lavender, lemongrass or lysozyme, barley, marjoram, diktam, plum, thyme, oregano and mint are the main aromatic plants that you can find at our garden. You have at least 2 ways to “exploit” them, one is aromatherapy and the second is the culinary path. Whether fresh or dried will make your dishes extra tasty!


For parents who need a little more rest and relaxation we take care of our little friends. The choices vary according to each person’s age and preferences.

Wedding – Event Planning

Celebrate your special occasion with your beloved ones on the lush green place at Physis Villas overlooking our amazing gardens and make it a day to remember! We arrange your wedding, engagement, christening or any other event of joy. In collaboration with our specialized partners we make your dreams come true!

Manousakis Winery Visit

Within walking distance of the village of Vatolakos is the magnificent Manousakis winery with many years of experience in quality wine. You can sample different varieties of wines as well as taste locally cooked meals. Wine tasting is ideally combined with gastronomy in a tranquil natural landscape that relaxes the soul and spirit.

Local Wineries & Beer Companies Tour

For the wine or beer lovers we can arrange a tour at local wineries or beer companies or both. You will have the pleasure of tasting and traveling to different tastes and their secrets.

Lafkas Brewery Visit

Within walking distance, in the area of ​​Vamvakopoulo, is the small beer company Lafkas Brewery. You can try different types of beer and watch closely what its production line looks like.

Tasting local cheeses

Taste an integral part of Cretan gastronomy, the local cheeses. We offer you a plateau of fine local cheeses accompanied by other delicacies, giving a special touch to your palate!

Lake of Agia Tour

Just a stone’s throw from Physis Villas, there is the artificial lake of Agia, ideal for an idyllic afternoon or morning stroll. It is a NATURA 2000 protected area with a special fauna and a large number of birds.

Gastronomic Suggestions

We are at your disposal to recommend the most special restaurants that will travel your palates and lead you to unexplored tasteful trails, always according to your preferences and needs. Come discover the Cretan gastronomy based on the famous Mediterranean diet!

Cultural Tour

Crete is renowned for its culture and this gives us the impetus to suggest exploring sites, archaeological sites, museums as well as churches of historical or architectural interest. The range is great and there are tours specially designed for kids. Do not hesitate to discover our rich culture!

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete

Visit one of the 10 best gardens in the world, the Botanical Park & Crete Gardens. An area of about two and a half acres awaits you to get to know a different park, a paradise. We guarantee spiritual and visual excitement combined with learning hundreds of plants and their usefulness. In the park you will find an excellent restaurant, certified by the “quality of Cretan cuisine” of the transnational company “Cretan Quality Pact”. It is just 4 km from Physis Villas.

Flying Ride

If you want to get a more airy view of the island or not just Crete, we have the right people for you. Our trusted partners will travel you with their aircraft over wherever you choose. Relax in expert wings and glance at the ethers.


If you want to try out if you are good at wind and waves the solution is very close! The Chania Surf Club on the Gold Coast beach is just 10 minutes’ drive from Physis Villas. Enjoy the experience under the glittering Cretan sun and the salty ” wild ” sea. Let the sea overwhelm you!


For those of you who are interested in your body wellbeing, even during holidays, there is a specially designed space in the courtyard to meditate in the nature and work out. If you want a personal trainer we are here for you to find the one that fits your needs.

Massage – Face & Nails Treatment

If you want to eliminate any tension from your body the specialist will come with the appropriate essential oils and creams. Take care of your face and nails, we have the trusted specialists for you to make your vacation more relaxing and glamorous than ever!

Cretan Olive Oil Production

During the winter months (end of October until December) you can watch the production of the olive oil, on which it is based the Mediterranean diet! Taste local fresh oil while staying at Physis Villas all year long!

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