5 Tips on How to Stay Cool in Quarantine

Cool in Quarantine


Favourite morning meal routine

Enrich your day with fresh fruit juices, preferably with organic fruits, or find your favourite smoothies and enrich it with nuts and superfoods. Give yourself a royal breakfast and it will give you back the energy you forgot you had in the mornings. Stay Cool in Quarantine

10 minutes workout everyday

According to researchers 10-15 minutes sports activity everyday are enough to keep you in shape. Choose your favourite activity like dance, walking, cycling, gardening or an easy gym workout. Stay Cool in Quarantine

Organise spaces of your home

Organise any space of your home that you never have time for. Throw away unless objects, create empty space from things that make you tired and you are not in the mood to get rid of them.The empty space that will be created will relieve you and will give you a new perspective to do new activities.

Start a gratitude diary

Start writing three things every day for which you are grateful. At the end of each week you will have collected many small miracles in just a few pages. This will be your gratitude diary. Read it to yourself every morning and your days will become brighter.

Plan your next trip

As difficult as it may seem, dream of the next trip! Stay alone for at least ten minutes a day and clear your mind of the anxious thoughts of everyday life. Dream that you would like to spend your next vacation and discover unique places in the world that you had no idea existed.

Your self is always with you, nod to him, beautify him, it doesn’t matter if a period is not at its best.

It’s time to redefine your priorities!

Take care of the people you love, share your thoughts and your concerns and do not forget…

Keep Dreaming On This…

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…till then stay safe!

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